Indigo Wing Only

Indigo Wing Only

FROG Indigo Wing Only


sold as a spare for the FROG Indigo Wing System

£219.00 inc. VAT

- Suitable for technical diving. Made out of robust and durable materials for maximum resistance to punctures and abrasions.

- Totally adjustable, affords unparalleled custom fit for every individual; uncluttered chest area delivers unrestricted movement for the arms and shoulders.

- Less BC results in reduced water displacement, consequently decreasing the amount of weight needed, making the dive more enjoyable and safer.

- Easy to take apart and pack away for traveling allows you to dive comfortably with a BCD of superior quality and design. 


- Outer shell built from 1680 Denier Nylon.
- Inner bladder built from 400 Denier Nylon.
- Heavy duty YKK zipper.


- Streamlined, prevents unnecessary drag and minimizes swimming effort.
- Rear over-pressure valve, makes it effortless to vent gas during the dive.
- Small toggle on over-pressure valve makes it easy to locate, even with thick coldwater gloves.
- Strong outer shell protects inner bladder.
- Non-serviceable OEM power inflator.
- Circular wing design almost completely eliminates gas being trapped on either side of the wing.
- Due to the fact that the wing circles the tanks and the addition of lift at the base of tank, the Indigo has a much more streamlined profile in the water, giving you less drag and greater efficiency.
- Easily replaceable bladder.
- Lift Capacity: 13.65kgf. ( = 30lbf = 133n)